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Rejects - Dun Magazine

It’s that time of year; if you live in the north, most of the waters are frozen and, for the most part, you have to put your equipment away for the season.  Holidays consume much energy and help distract from the fact that you are suffering from withdrawal.  This is when fly tying season explodes, as we anglers are not willing to give up the ghost and we need hope to get us through to next spring.  Many new fly tiers will be born in these next few months.

When you start to tie your own flies, a pattern emerges.  Usually the first few flies you tie, (be it a new pattern or an old, familiar one) tend to fall short of expectations and end up in a “special” Plano-like box collecting dust, because you can’t bring yourself to fish them once you have rejected them..... Read the entire article @

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