Bulletproof Baitfish Kit.  The fibers on this brush are 5" wide, made with a combination of synthetic fibers and elegant flash to acheve a very durable brush.  This kit makes three ultra light weight and easy to cast 6" flies will be ready to hit fresh OR salt water.  


One 9" stainless steel brush makes 3 flies, 3" per fly.  Start palmering 1/2" before the hook eye.  If you enjoy tying more sparsely you can get more than 3.  Saltwater species to toothy freshwater fish will love this pattern and it's the ideal snack size.  Wicked easy to make your own and cast as it sheds all water weight on your first back cast.  Want to make it longer than 6", just add a tail to the back of your hook of feather, flash or synthetics to elongate your fly.  Just under $7 a fly when they usually cost 10-12$.


Kit includes: Makes 3 Flies ready for Salt or Fresh

1 - 9" long bursh with 5" fibers & flash

3  - Gamagatsu 3/0 saltwater grade nickle hooks

6 - 10mm Eyes

UV throat and peacock back flash.


All you need other than the usual tying tools is a black sharpie to striper your fly and some wire cutters to cut the brush.  It is recomended to use big fly thread, 3/0 or 150D.  I used black thread, but any color will do.  

6" Perch - Brush Fly Kit