Cascade has perfected a killer product.  9" Or 6" long tails, ideal for fish eating predators that live in the ocean or the freshwater.  Packet of 10 different colors.  Hot Pink, Fl yellow, Fl Green Fl Orange Black, Tan, Rootbeer, Olive, Purple and Pearl.  These tails are far more durable!  A touch of UV glue to the bottom of the tail to secure it and you are good to go.  These tails take to sharpie markers very well.  Easy to cast and to tie up.  Crazy action in the water and I thorughly tested these last year on the salt.  Held up to casting all season and a few stripers crushing them.  I used the clouser and popper style with little to no fouling or need for a guard. 

Crystal Dragon Tails 9" & 6" Mix packs or solid colors

  • Flat Rate $6