Stailness Steel wire ready for sweet or the salt.  One 9" long brushe makes three 8" full body flies OR four 7" inch sparce flies.  These are premium full brushes made of superior quick shedding "better Than Bucktail" fibers.  All brushes have complamentry angel hair flash in the core and in the long fibers.  Does not show up well in the still photos, be sure to see the catalog video above to see flash.


Want a 9-10" fly, just add a tail of flash, feather or fibers to increase the lenght of the fly.  You can fish the brush flies as is or you can elevate them to a high art form.  Articualted shanks work very well with these brushes.  


To choose brush colors go to the 'Color Options' buttons above and click on the color buttons to select color choices then add to cart.  


To order a custom built brush $21.95, select the "red custom" color button (last option) and in the custom reqest box stipulate your colors or send me a message/ email.  

Just the #Bulletproofbrush - for 8" flies

Color Options
  • Flat Rate $6