Bulletproof Baitfish Bursh Kit - 8" Perch.   The fibers on this brush are 6-7" long made with a combination of synthetic fibers that are better than bucktail to acheve a very durable brush.  Ultra light weight 8" flies ready to hit the water.    One 9" stainless steel brush makes 3 flies.  Start palmering 1/2" before your hook eye.  If you tie more sparsely you can get 4 flies.  The core of this brush is orange while the longer fibers are a YV camo combonation.  Pike's favorite food is perch.  They are wherever the pike are and are one of the primary readily available foods.  Wicked easy to cast as it sheds all water weight.  Want to make it longer than 8", just add a tail to the back of your hook of feather, flash or synthetics to elongate your fly.  Stay tuned for a fly tying demonstration video.  


Kit includes: Makes 3 Perch Flies

1 - 9" long bursh with 6-7" fibers with copper and green flash

3  - Gamagatsu 5/0 hooks

6 - 10mm Eyes

3 - Easy to cast soft skull heads

1 - Hot Belly Blend - enough for three flies

1 - Head Flash - forest green super flash.


Bulletproof Brush Kit - 8" Perch