After fishing lemming flies to hungry pike in Labrador I’ve been itching to make an articulated fox fur surface fly or diver on a light weight sink /Intermediate line this fly is designed to dive and pop right back to the surface.  


These Dragons sinuates its way back to you on or near the surface creating the tastiest V-wake on light weight to floating lines.  


On a 350-450 grain sink tip it has the craziest action on the retreve inbetween strips.  Very wounded movements with nice long suspeded pauses drives pike crazy!


9" fly $29.50

6" fly $19.95 



Pagoda Dragon Fly

SKU: 0007
  • 9” articulated surface fly with two black nickel finish 6/0 gamakatsu hooks.  Five segments with 4 separate installations of high-density foam, this fly will swim!   6" articulated is a 4 segmented fly with a 4/0 gamakatsu nickel finish hook.   Ready for fresh or salt water. 

  • Flat Rate $6