Tailing nets enable you  to hang on to your fish with little pressure exerted.  Many fish are slipery, ensure a safer grip by use a tailing net.  Its the safest way to acheve quality catch & release without squeezing or dropping your fish.


  • Superior waterproof fibers that dry instantly.
  • Does not soak up fish slim
  • Always open access


This superior net material (which is WAY better than the white gloves) will not soak up any fish slime which is a very important immune function for the fish.  This material drys instantly, critical when fishing below 32 degrees. 


I designed these with an always open mouth where all you have to do is slip your hand in.  Easly to manage one handed while landing a fish.  The clip is for transport convenence, turn it into a leash or your net can be clip to your landing net so you always have it ready.  I never leave home without a tailing net for any species I stalk.


Fits the Right or Left hand.  7" wide by 9" long.  

Tailing Net

  • Flat Rate $6